In partnership with Herfst & Partners – Human Resources Consultants, we offer the following educational and career services and assessments.

University admissions counseling

University admissions counseling

  • Conduct detailed interviews with students to determine their gifts, talents, and interests
  • Create a holistic profile for each student to nurture and enhance their academic skills and strategies
  • Assist students in creating an original and outstanding résumé that stands out among other students in the admissions pool
  • Compile a balanced selection of universities based on the students’ interests, preferences, and strengths
  • Counsel students on choosing appropriate coursework and extracurricular activities to strenghten their chances in the admissions process
  • Support students in preparing for university interviews by conducting practice sessions
  • Prepare students to visit different universities to gain firsthand experience at potential future universities
Career, personality, & interest assessments

Career, personality, & interest assessments

In order to offer students a clear insight in their own distinctive gifts, talents, and/or strengths, we provide the following assessments:

  • Career assessments to determine potential educational goals and colleges
  • Personality quizzes to pin-point students’ characteristics and attributes
  • Interest assessments to stipulate students’ educational and career pathways
  • University search and university match to find different universities where the student will be successful and happy
  • Structured interviews with students to render their preoccupations into possible occupations and finding fitting careers
Test Preparation (SAT, ACT, TOEFL, IELTS)

Test Preparation (SAT, ACT, TOEFL, IELTS)

  • Assess students’ academic skills to determine an individualized learning plan to bolster students’ readiness for standardized tests
  • Teach students concrete testing strategies to maximize their performance
  • Offer students real practice exams prior to taking the official exams
  • Provide consistent emotional support and inspiration to uphold students’ positive morale and focus
  • Support students in improving their English language skills and academic knowledge
  • Create an organized, structured, and individualized plan to efficiently prepare for and take the necessary standardized assessments